Marcella K. Anderson, CPA

Since 1983

Marcella K. Anderson, CPA is an accounting, tax and consulting firm providing services for both commercial and personal entities.

NOTICE: ALL TAX DOCUMENTS FOR PERSONAL TAX RETURN FILINGS MUST BE IN OUR OFFICE 21 DAYS BEFORE APRIL 15TH TO MEET THE IRS IMPOSED DEADLINE. ANYTHING RECEIVED AFTER THAT WILL BE HANDLED ON A BEST EFFORT, FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION TO THIS REQUIREMENT. Please note that you may send documents by email, fax, USPS or other traceable courier. If you choose to send by USPS or another courier, we request that you send copies only and that you have a tracking number for your documents.

email: phone: 1-214-343-7299 fax: 1-214-343-9366